Contoh Soal Concord and Agreement: Practice Your Grammar Skills

Concord and agreement refer to the concept of making sure that the different parts of a sentence are coherent and in sync with one another. This is a crucial aspect of grammar that helps in establishing clarity and meaning in any written work. In this article, we will provide some examples of concord and agreement questions to help you sharpen your grammar skills.

Example 1:

Choose the correct verb to complete the sentence.

The committee, along with its members, _____________ very united in their decision.

A. Is

B. Are

C. Am

D. Was

The correct answer is B. Are. This is because the subject is “The committee and its members,” which is plural. Therefore, the verb should also be in the plural form.

Example 2:

Choose the correct pronoun to complete the sentence.

Neither of the girls finished ___________ homework on time.

A. Her

B. Their

C. Its

D. My

The correct answer is A. Her. This is because the subject “Neither” is singular, so the pronoun should agree with that. “Her” is the correct option for the singular subject.

Example 3:

Choose the correct subject-verb agreement in the following sentence.

The group of musicians from different parts of the world ___________ for the first time tonight.

A. Performs

B. Perform

C. Performed

D. Was performing

The correct answer is B. Perform. This is because the subject, “The group of musicians,” is plural, and the verb should be in the plural form.

Example 4:

Choose the correct collective noun to complete the sentence.

A ___________ of fish swam past the coral reef.

A. Flock

B. School

C. Herd

D. Band

The correct answer is B. School. This is because “School” is the correct collective noun for a group of fish.

Example 5:

Choose the correct possessive form to complete the sentence.

The ___________ questions were all from the same chapter.

A. Students`s

B. Student`s

C. Students`

D. Student

The correct answer is B. Student`s. This is because the sentence is referring to the questions belonging to a single student. The apostrophe should come after the singular noun, which is “student.”


Concord and agreement are crucial aspects of grammar that one needs to master for effective communication. By practicing the above examples, you can enhance your grammar skills and polish your writing style. Remember to pay attention to the subject-verb agreement, pronoun agreement, collective nouns, and possessive forms while constructing sentences. By keeping these in mind, you can take your writing to the next level and communicate your ideas more effectively.